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2020 Delta Force Application Form
The purpose of Delta Force is to introduce and orient new leaders to our community, identify individuals who have displayed strong tendency toward civic involvement and assist them in increasing their potential to become community leaders.
The opening session begins in February and a series of nine full-day programs will follow covering such areas as education, social needs, personal skills, and key segments of our community.


Delta Force - The Strategy

As we enter the 16th year of our leadership development program, we want to take you along on the journey and give you a glimpse into the world of Delta Force. There are probably hundreds of ways to describe leadership qualities, ideas about the process skills, or the role of leadership, those that are helpful to the community and those that are harmful. The Delta Force leadership team has formulated five views, based on their experience, to introduce students to leadership knowledge and experience. As our students form a learning team each year, they will  find themselves discovering the need and interest to focus on specific leadership understandings.
The five important elements identified in 2003 continue to be our focus a decade later.

Character traits of good leaders which are meaningful include: honesty, wisdom in vision, problem solving, trustworthiness, helpfulness, courage that extends to bravery .... They move you to become the one people will follow, especially in rough times, raising the ability of the whole to positive results and excellence.
Leadership is about being accountable and responsible to those following you and those you affect. Effective leaders interact, listen, connect, discern, repair and respond with their actions without avoiding accountability.
The cultural values of the place you are in and the profession you are experienced in, that which you accept as dominant in your life, will define how you behave as a leader and where the lines are that you won’t cross. Leadership that stands the test of time holds high the values related to trust and truth.
Moral and principle-centered leadership in our community must be defined by the core values we hold in common, all of which are anchored in the law and a high standard of ethical behavior. The followers of this leadership are justified by their trust. In this setting, leaders that do the right things for the common good are respected, not threatened by retribution.

Leadership Process:

Managers manage things, leaders lead people, and good leaders understand the management strengths and good communications needed for the situation. Good leaders are good listeners and connect positively to those they affect. Leaders can see the map. They instinctively learn and apply the big picture. Leaders need to know how to build trust for the common good. Leaders make sound and timely decisions. They empower those involved to do their tasks and carry out their roles successfully. Leaders aren’t necessarily the ones that run the meeting.

Delta Force Class of 2019


Class of 2019

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