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Welcome to Delta County-the crossroads of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Physically separated from the Lower Peninsula by the Straits of Mackinac, the UP comprises nearly 29% of Michigan’s area but only 3.3% of its population. Delta County, one of fifteen counties in the UP, is located 450 miles from Detroit and a mere 60 miles from the Wisconsin border. These facts contribute to a unique atmosphere enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

According to Indian tradition and legend, native Americans came from hundreds of miles around to the well-known hunting grounds of Delta County to hunt the red deer where their trails crossed. This was called “Eshkonabang” or “Land of the Red Buck.” From this or from another word meaning “flat rock” came the name Escanaba. The name “Bay de Noc” is derived from that of the Nocquet or Noke Indians, one of the Algonquin tribes whose territory extended from northern Green Bay and the Bays de Noc northward to the south shore of Lake Superior. Breaking with tradition, Gladstone, on the other hand, was named for British Prime Minister William Gladstone.

South Central Upper Michigan is frequently referred to as the “Banana Belt” because of the temperate climate, much milder than the rest of the Upper Peninsula. The image of the cold, frozen north is dispelled by the statistics-50” of snowfall per year in Delta County compared to the 200+ inches along the shore of Lake Superior to the north.

There is something for everyone in Delta County-whether it be work, residence, recreation or education. Delta County offers a variety of lifestyles, from remote rural settings surrounded by woods to lakefront or lakeview homes and in-town neighborhoods where schools, museums, theaters and shopping are a short distance away. Employment opportunities exist for those willing to work or to obtain the training that is readily available. Varied recreational pursuits can be enjoyed in any season of the year. Excellent K-12 school systems and the offerings of Bay de Noc Community College provide young and old the opportunity for growth.

Delta County is home for a community of people who know how to work together to accomplish dreams. The overworked phrase “quality of life” becomes reality when work, home and recreation can be only minutes apart. Even when there’s a drive from the country to work each day, the commute is relaxing and picturesque—traffic jams are unknown. The pace is comfortable; the environment clean, casual and safe. Opportunities and services of cities much larger are available in an atmosphere of small-town friendliness.

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